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Hymnal Presenter

Displaying hymns in church at its finist!


Hymnal Presenter is our solution to projecting songs in your church easily from any operating system without needing special software. While we are working on a downloadable version for those who don't have internet, the web version will always work well.

You can choose from 10 different hymnals in 8 diferent languages including: Spanish, English, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Italian, French and Portuguese.

How to use

After opening the Hymnal Presenter page, you'll be asked to select the hymnal you wish to use. After selecting the proper hymnal, it's as easy as searching for the desired song in the search box. Searches automatically fill in results as you type so finding the songs is fast. If you already know the number, you can simply enter it and go.
After you've selected the hymn, you can go back and forth between verses using the arrow keys: Left and Right. All refrains will automatically be loaded in order so you'll never have to go back! After the hymn finishes, the home page will be brought up again so you can select your hymn.

If you're looking for a quick solution to help your SDA Adventist Church project hymns, please consider using the Hymnal Presenter app.

Hymnal Presenter

Now it's time to try the app out. Click the following link to launch the Hymnal Presenter app in your browser! Hymnal Presenter
Thank you for your support in this project. If you'd like to find out more, please visit the About page. Your support is necesary to keep this project alive! We're working on making IOS and Android apps available with all the features including Chromecast support.