Hymnal Project

About the Hymnal Project


The Hymnal Project started several years ago when I found that the Android Store lacked a good adventist hymnal app so I made my own. I believed that it was essential to our success as christians to have powerful resources with the aim of making the jobs of laymen and pastors easier.


After working for several years as a programmer, I've dedicated my personal time to try and make applications that will further the cause of God. With that being said, the Hymnal Project became something that I created with the goal of helping those who work in the area of evangelism and who would like to use a hymnal on a regular bases for meetings or personal events.


As you know, it costs money and uses time to make applications like this. In order to advance the work of God and make this application better / others like it, donations are welcome. If you'd like to see your money be put towards the work of God in building applications that will help bring souls to Christ, please consider contributing to the project.
You can contribute through paypal directly by clicking the link below:

Thank You

Thank you for your onging support and for helping this project succeed! Please tell your friends about it so more can enjoy what you've found!