Hymnal Project

556 ~ As Saints of Old


As saints of old their first-fruits brought
Of orchard, flock, and field
To God, the giver of all good,
The source of bounteous yield;
So we today first-fruits would bring,
The wealth of this good land,
Of farm and market, shop and home,
Of mind and heart and hand.


A world in need now summons us
To labor, love, and give;
To make our life an offering
To God, that all may live,
The church of Christ is calling us
To make the dream come true:
A world redeemed by Christ-like love;
All life in Christ made new.


In gratitude and humble trust
We bring our best today
To serve Your cause and share Your love
With all along life's way.
O God, who gave Yourself to us
In Jesus Christ Your Son,
Teach us to give ourselves each day
Until life's work is done.